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Southport Marketing are a Marketing and Digital Consultancy based in Southport Merseyside. We help businesses of all sizes increase their market share, grow their customer base, increase profitability and generally do better than before! We use several tools to analyse a company's current market presence and then propose ways to improve branding, attract more customers, improve profitability per transaction, open up new markets, and hit sales targets. We've helped launch brands, planned events, managed advertising campaigns, designed packaging, built websites, created social media campaigns, and built client databases. You can basically outsource all your marketing to us so you don't need to hire a marketing manager...then when we've helped you grow big enough we'll help you find a great marketing manager and support them.

Our Services

At Southport Marketing we help support the growth of your business. Rather than start with solutions we start with your business, get to understand it and your plans. From there we bring together lots of different solutions to configure a marketing plan for you. Some of the Services we provide are:


Website design and building, social media set up and campaign management, search engine and online marketing optimisation.


Often you know what you want, you just need advice on how to get there, we can spend time facilitating your business planning.


From a total re-brand to just a logo our designers will provide you with plenty of ideas, and then we'll take it to print.


If you want to fully outsource all your marketing, design, website and social media work to us we'll build a cohesive brand and help drive your business forward.


Southport Marketing is based in Southport, we're responsive, we're agile, we're creative, we're here for you today

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Website & Digital

See our portfolio of digital work. Of course a lot of what we do is in the background...the real hard work which gets customers to your door...but we're sure you'll like our designs too!

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We're equally proud of the work we've done for international brands as well as small local businesses - we've helped launch great brands and businesses, take a look at some of our work.

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Read some of our case studies. Launching a new food brand from tasting the product to sourcing the packaging. See how we helped an insurance company increase profits by 11% while cutting their advertising budget in half.

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Plumbers Marketing Plan

MARKETING PLAN “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention” – Unknown Author “Marketing is the means by which an organization communicates to, connects with, and engages its target audience to convey the value of and ultimately sell its products and services.” – Julie Barile “Marketing is meeting the needs of […]

Promote your business at southport flower show

How can you promote your business at the Southport Flower Show?

The Southport Flower Show is not only a fixture in the British horticultural calendar as the largest independent gardening shows, but also as one of the largest outdoor events in the NorthWest each Summer.  If your business targets customers who are local to Southport and the NorthWest who are affluent […]

should my small business have a website?

Small Businesses: Should I Have a Website?

“As a small business owner, do you need a website?” That’s one of the most common questions small business owners ask me.  Why?  Because most of the time they expect and want the answer to be “No”! Small business owners usually don’t want a website because: It’s outside their area […]

Small Businesses: Using Psychology in Your Marketing

The word “Psychology” evokes negative connotations for me, especially when applied to business. I’ve worked for a couple of bosses who have clearly taken a training course on psychology in business, and then have used these tools to transparently try and manipulate me and others into doing things their way. […]

Where can I advertise my business in Southport?

With a population of just over 90,000 people in 39,000 households, there are plenty of potential customers in Southport.  But how will they find out about your business?  How will they know to contact you next time they need someone who does what you do? Advertising!  The more places your […]