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Southport Marketing Consulting

Southport Marketing Consulting can help your business:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase your revenue
  • Improve your profitability
  • Expand into new markets

How do we know we can do this?  Well, we’ve done it before…many times…for small and medium sized businesses in the Northwest of England.  Please take a look through our portfolio to see some of the work we’ve done to make a real life impact on businesses, basically helping them save money, make more money and grow where they want to.  Don’t be distracted by all the fancy graphics and lovely branding that we’ve created for our clients, please read the details of what we’ve done to actually change the internal functions of the business to find efficiencies and increase sales.

Here’s some of the more detailed things that we do, just in case the four bullet points above make it sound like we just walk around with a clipboard and point at stuff:

  • Measure, analyse and then improve your marketing spend ROI (return on investment) – cutting out any marketing spend that’s not yielding results, find ways to measure the sales and enquiries generated by your marketing and advertising, improving the ROI on successful marketing campaigns, and expanding your most successful campaigns to generate even more enquiries and sales.
  • Identify ways to increase sales by looking at your current customers – identifying ways to improve profitability on each transaction, and talk to clients to understand what else they buy and what other services they require, build loyalty and MGM (Member Get Member or customer referral) programs, identifying how you attracted and have retained your best customers and finding ways to replicate that, improving the retention rate of customers.
  • Work with your team to help them improve sales – by training them in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), helping them identify the crucial points where they win or lose a sale and give them the tools to improve their win ratio, understanding their many years’ of knowledge about your business and customers and putting that in a format which can be utilised by the business and to train new staff.
  • Create new brands and pricing strategies to increase profits – creating brands for your products/services to compete in higher-margin or higher-volume markets, building products into packaged services to increase their value and longevity, structuring prices to attract new customers and reward loyal customers while increasing sales revenue, designing promotions and offers to spike sales enquiries.
  • Utilising digital channels to create enquiries – identifying suitable digital/online channels to generate sales enquiries and build brand awareness, creating website and social media channels and managing them for you ongoing.

There are lots of other things we do as well, we don’t have just a few off-the-shelf solutions which we prescribe depending on your business size and the market you operate in…we do our best to understand you, your business and your ambitions first; then create a solution step by step to help you achieve what you want to.  Hopefully, we can save you from having your own Marketing Manager in the short term, but help you grow big enough that we can help you hire and train your own Marketing Department.

Why have we called ourselves “Southport Marketing Consulting”?  Well, we’re based in Southport and know the Southport area very well.  Which means that if your business is based in Southport we’re probably better prepared than any other marketing consultancy to help you with your business.  We’ve helped small businesses in Southport to generate local sales, and we’ve helped small and medium-sized businesses in Southport and surrounding areas grow into UK-wide and even global markets to grow their businesses.

We’re happy to come spend an hour with you chatting about your business and marketing, for free, so please just fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What’s it going to cost you going forward?  We try and be as transparent as possible with you about the realistic cost of having a marketing consultancy like ourselves help to grow your business.  There are some expensive but of course very large agencies in places like Liverpool and Manchester, and if you’re a large business you will probably need to hire them.  Our fees are more modest and we can offer a more personal service suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.  To give you an idea the turnover of our client’s vary from £50,000 up to £40million and our fees vary from around £200 per month to £9,000 per month, depending on how much you want us helping you out!

Best thing to do is contact us for a free consultation, we’ll come to you, and after figuring out how we can help we’ll provide a quote with a breakdown of the costs, and then you can decide if you want to go ahead or maybe cut out some elements of the work.  Nothing to lose, fill out the form…


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