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How can Southport Marketing help you Attract more Customers?

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  One of the first things we like to do with every client of ours is to identify who their customers are.  Why's that important?  Once you know who your customers are (and potential customers) then you can come to understand them better:

  • Who they actually are
  • What they are willing to pay for
  • How much they will pay
  • What's important to them
  • What else they do with their time and money

It's very possible once you understand your customers better you will identify that there are several customer segments, with each having different product/service needs, and willing to pay different prices.  From there you can decide to become a specialist in just one of these customer segments - basically be better than all your competitors at catering for that customer segment, or configure marketing and branding to give you a foothold in each segment.

For example, if you sell soap, we might identify that men want basic stuff which doesn't smell too fancy and will pay £1.00 for it, while women want various colours and scents of soap and are willing to pay up to £3.00 per bar of soap if it's packaged nicely, looks fancy and smells like verbena.  So suddenly you go from 1 product to 7 products and massively increase your sales and brand awareness - which you can then leverage to produce or source other complimentary products like shaving cream, moisturiser, etc for your new customers who now love your products.  Simple example but one that could be applied to any business.

So you've identified who the Customers are...what next?

Here's where the creative stuff comes in.  We'll help tweak or even create your branding and marketing messages so that they pull all the right strings with your customers.  Then we look at all possible channels of communicating with those customers and build a marketing campaign in line with your budget.  The marketing campaign can include:

  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Local advertising
  • Salespeople
  • Events
  • Promotions

How will you know if it's successful?

For every campaign, we do an ROI (return on investment analysis) to compare how much we spent, how many leads came in and how many sales were attributed.  We then take whatever the most successful campaigns were and do them again on a much bigger scale to drive even more business your way.

Start the process of attracting more customers by contacting Southport Marketing today.