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Southport Marketing Digital“You must go digital!” “Everything’s online now!”

That’s what people will tell you anyway. They think you’re missing out if you don’t have a website, start taking online payments and have a Facebook page.

But sometimes it’s refreshing that you don’t…

It all comes down to who your customer is and what their comfort zone is. If you’re a window cleaner and you insist all your customers book and pay online, quite frankly you’re going to lose a lot of customers. Some businesses are primarily “cash-in-hand”, or people want to meet you, talk to a person, and feel reassured before they part with any money. So the first question we ask is:

Will it benefit your business to go digital?

The answer could be yes or no.  And then if it’s yes, it’s worth asking how will going digital effect your profits? Because you could spend a lot of money building an e-commerce site, running Google campaigns and building a social media strategy which at the end of it all doesn’t bring in enough new customers to have warranted the money and time.  Worse still your current customers might feel like you’re pushing them away, you don’t want to interact with them directly anymore…think your local bank branch.

However for some businesses digital opportunities may make a big difference, it could help to really accelerate growth, widen market access, or build a good reputation steadily.  In those cases Southport Marketing can work with you to:

  • Build an online brand and presence
  • Create a website and social media sites
  • Plug in e-commerce and other functionality
  • Manage online customer acquisition campaigns
  • And, grow your reputation online

There’s plenty of technical stuff like Search Engine Optimisation, email campaigns, subscriber building, blogging, etc that we can add in as part of your digital business plan.  We work with some very smart people who are very good at all this and we will manage all of them and the projects for you.  Please contact us to book your digital marketing consultation.