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Southport Marketing ProfitHow can your business make more profit?

That’s often the big question isn’t it!  To help you find the answer to that, we spend time with you looking at the details of your business.  Because you’ve probably grown your business over several years, you’ve likely acquired processes, clients and costs bit-by-bit and not had a chance to zoom out and view the bigger picture.  Sometimes you need someone who will look at your business through fresh eyes, ask all the tough questions and show you what the bigger picture looks like.  That’s what we hope to do for you.

Here’s some of the exercises we carry out:

  • Analyse your major costs and identify potential savings
  • Look at ways to improve your core processes
  • Reduce losses in time and money
  • Study your sales process to identify where you lose potential customers and why
  • Identify your most profitable customers and try to replicate them
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your staff to utilise them fully
  • Analyse your pricing strategy to identify where prices or sales terms can increase profit

As you can see improving your profit isn’t just about more revenue, it’s often about reducing costs and improving what you already have.  This could mean saving money rather than spending money.  It could mean implementing new IT systems which make you more efficient.  It could be using your best people as mentors to improve their peers.  It could be about acquiring one of your key suppliers to cut their margin out of your value chain.

Are you up for the challenge of improving your profits?

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